2012 National Title: Kentucky vs. Kansas

8 years ago Kentucky would take on Kansas for the 2012 National Championship game in New Orleans, LA. Kentucky would go on to defeat Kansas and win their 8th National Title and the first one under John Calipari.

Kansas starts things off with a basket and a 2-0 lead. Michael Kidd-Gilchrest makes one of two free throws to put the Cats on the board. Terrance Jones gives the Cats the lead, but Kansas hits a 3 to take it back, 5-3. Cats tie it up at 5-5, but then they go ahead, Kansas ties it up at 7-7. Kentucky is up by 4, but Jayhawks cut it to two, Lamb with a bucket brings it up to 13-9. With a bucket, and free throws by Doron Lamb, Kentucky has an 8 point lead. Kansas completes a 3 point play after a foul. Michael Kidd-Gilchrest hits both free throws to make it 19-12. Kentucky with their biggest lead at 9 and a 23-14 advantage, Kansas with another 3 pointer, but Kentucky has an answer and they have a 10 point lead, 27-17. Marquis Teague with Kentucky’s first 3 pointer of the game and they have a 12 point lead, 31-19. Anthony Davis with 183 blocks, the most by a freshman. Doron Lamb with a 3 pointer, and the Jayhawks with their largest deficit of 15, Kentucky leading 34-19. After missing their last 5 attempts Kansas finally gets a basket, Kentucky hits their third 3 of the first half and will go into halftime with a 41-27 lead.

 Kansas gets things started in the second half, like the first. Kansas makes just one of two free throws, 41-30. Tap in by Lamb gives Kentucky a 43-30 lead. Anthony Davis makes just one of two free throws, his first point of the game. Kentucky is up to a 48-38 lead almost halfway through the second half. Doron Lamb with 6 more points in just 38 seconds for the Cats to have a 54-38 advantage. Anthony Davis score two more for the Cats, Kansas with a 3 pointer and then they have it down to just seven points, 59-52. Kentucky with a 3, after Kansas gets one of their own. Kentucky defeats Kansas 67-59 to win their 8th national title.

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