Kentucky vs. Georgia 2008 SEC Quarterfinal 3/15/2008

Kentucky faced Georgia in the 2008 SEC Quarterfinal at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta, Georgia. They moved the SEC Tournament from the Georgia Dome to the Alexander Memorial Coliseum on Georgia Tech’s campus due to damage done to the first location.

Georgia gets on the board first and they hit a 3 pointer to have an early 5-0 lead. They extend that lead to 8 with another a 3. Kentucky gets on the board with a 3 pointer, but Georgia responds to make it 10-3. Georgia still with the lead up by nine and two free throws makes it 11. Bulldogs double their lead half way through the first half with a score of 16-8. Kentucky finally gets into this ball game as they only trail by 4 as Georgia leads them 20-16. Kentucky ties it up at 20-20, and then they take their first lead of the game at 22-20. Kentucky with a 3 to make it 25-22 and they go into halftime with the lead.

Georgia with a basket but the Cats keep their lead at 29-24. Kentucky extends it but Georgia ties it up at 30-30. Bulldogs take the lead back and they are up 38-33. Georgia with another to make it 41-33 and Kentucky gets a free throw. They get two more, Georgia with a basket and Joe Crawford hits a 3 for Kentucky, 43-39. Joe Crawford gets two more for the Cats and he has 20 points.  Kentucky gets a 3 and they have a 1 point lead, 47-46 but that’s short lived when Georgia gets a basket, Bradley for Kentucky takes it back and it’s 49-48. We go into overtime as we are tied 50-50.

Georgia gets the first basket in overtime and we are back and forth and up to a 54-54 tie. Wildcats take a 2 point lead, 56-54. Georgia hits a 3 pointer to take a 57-56 lead with 1.2 left. Georgia defeats Kentucky 60-56 in overtime.

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