Kentucky vs Utah 1998 National Title 3/30/1998

Kentucky has made a lot of comebacks to make it to the 1998 National Championship against Utah.

Nazi Mohammed gets Kentucky on the board with a bucket; Utah ties it up at 2-2. Scott Padgett with another bucket but Utah ties it up again at 4-4. Kentucky leads 8-6 but Utah ties it up once again. Kentucky is up 11-8 and we are tied for the fourth time in just the first half of this game. Utah takes their first lead of the game but its short lived as Kentucky scores to make it 13-13, the fifth tie of the game. Utah with two buckets and they have a 17-13 lead over the Cats.  Utah keeps their lead as they are up 24-21. Utes with their largest lead at 36-27. Utah leads Kentucky 41-31 at the half.

The Utah lead is to 12 but Kentucky hits a bucket to make it 45-35. Kentucky is just chipping away at Utah’s lead with a bucket to make it 45-37. Kentucky with their first 3 of the night 47-43, but Utah responds with a 3, making it 50-43. Kentucky within 6 as Utah leads 56-50. Cameron Mills ties it up at 58-58 for Kentucky. Jeff Shepherd with a basket and the Cats have the lead back 60-58. Utah takes the lead back 64-60. Cameron Mills with a 3 pointer and a Kentucky basket and the Cats regain the lead, 65-64. Cats with their largest lead with 2:20 left in the second and a 70-65 advantage. Utah with a free throw making it 70-66. Kentucky defeats Utah 78-69 to win their 7th National Title.

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