Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt 2012 SEC Championship 3/11/2012

Kentucky faced Vanderbilt for the SEC Championship on March 11, 2012 in New Orleans.

Terrance Jones with a coast to coast to get the Cats on the board first. Vandy makes just one of two free throws to get them on the board. Anthony Davis with the rebound and the basket, Cats with a 4-1 lead. Terrance Jones with a 3 pointer, Vandy responds with one as well 7-4. Kentucky with two free throws, but Vandy responds with a 3 pointer, 9-7. Vandy leads by one, 11-10, but Anthony Davis with a lob to put the Cats up top again followed by a bucket by Darius Miller. We are tied at 16-16 after a 3 pointer by Vandy.  Vandy in front by 3, 21-18. Commodores still with the lead that was 8, but has now been cut to 3 with a 3 pointer by Kentucky. 3 pointer by Kyle Wiltjer and a basket by Anthony Davis ties it up. Kevin Stallings  (Vanderbilt coach) given a technical sends Doron Lamb to the free throw line for Kentucky,  he makes the first and second one to give the Cats a 30-28 lead. Vandy with a chance for a 3 pointer play as Anthony Davis gets fouled; we are tied at 30-30 as Vandy missed the free throw. Kyle Wiltjer with a 3 pointer and  a windmill slam by Darius Miller  puts the Cats up by 5, 35-30. Vandy ties it with a basket and 3 pointer, a tip in by Terrance Jones and he misses the free throw. We are tied at 37-37 at the halftime.

Vanderbilt opens the second half with a slam by Festus Ezeli. Kentucky ties it and then a slam by Anthony Davis gives the Cats the lead, 41-39.  Vandy ties up for the 5th time, but Doron Lamb gets both free throws to put the Cats back up top. Back and forth on the lead and the Cats up by one 46-45. A lob by Vanderbilt puts them up top but Kentucky takes it back and they cling to a 50-49 lead. Kentucky with a 3 pointer to extend their lead of 57-51, Vandy hits a 3 as well.  Cats extend their lead but Vandy keeps chipping away at it, 62-59. Vandy leads 67-63 with less than 30 seconds left and they will defeat Kentucky 71-64 to win the 2012 SEC Tournament Championship.

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