Kentucky vs. Arkansas 2017 SEC Championship 3/12/2017

Kentucky faced Arkansas for the 2017 SEC Championship in Nashville, TN at the Bridgestone Arena where they would go on to win their 30th SEC Championship.

Bam Adebayo gets Kentucky on the board first, Arkansas responds and we are tied 2-2. Kentucky extends their lead 7-4 and Arkansas hits a 3 to tie it up, then they take the lead, 9-7. Kentucky takes the lead 13-9. Back and forth with the lead but the Cats have a 23-18 lead including a slam by Bam Adebayo. Kentucky goes to 29-22 with Bam at the line, he makes both of them. Arkansas at the line and they make both of them, 31-24. Isaac Humphries with a basket, and Derek Willis with a 3 pointer, 36-30. Dominique Hawkins and Mychal Mulder with back to back 3 pointers for the Cats give them a 42-30 lead at the half.

Kentucky starts the second half with Bam Adebayo making both free throws, 44-30 for the Cats. It’s a 4-4 run by both teams 48-34, De’Aaron Fox with a bucket, he goes to the line but misses the free throw, 50-34. Malik Monk with a 3 pointer for the Cats but they don’t count it after a review, Cats still lead 52-38. Kentucky with a 61-44 lead halfway through the second half. Arkansas is finally waking up here as they make it a 13 point game; Wildcats still lead 68-55. 3 pointer by Arkansas and we have a 9 point game, 73-64. Malik Monk at the line after an Arkansas foul, he makes both. Dominique Hawkins at the line after an Arkansas player was given a Flagrant 1; he makes both of them as well giving the Cats 77-64 lead over Arkansas with just 1:20 left. Moses Kingsley with a Flagrant 2 after intentionally hitting De’ Aaron Fox in the face, that player is ejected and Fox goes to the line for 2, he makes them both. Kentucky defeats Arkansas 82-65 to win their 30th SEC Championship.

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