Kentucky vs Arkansas 2015 SEC Championship 3/15/2015

Kentucky faced Arkansas for the SEC Championship in the 2015 SEC Tournament, the season in which Kentucky would go 38-1 , they would also go on to win the SEC Championship.

Andrew Harrison with a 3 pointer to start the game, and get the Cats on the board. Willie Cauley-Stein at the line and he makes both free throws, and Andrew Harrison with yet another 3, and the Cats have an 8-0 early lead.  Arkansas finally gets on the board with a 3 pointer following a basket, Cats have a 10-7 lead. Devin Booker with a pointer and Cats lead 17-14. Arkansas ties it up at 19, but Kentucky is up by 6, 25-19. Wildcats extend their lead to 35-24, a bucket and free throws make it 39-24. Arkansas with a free throw, and Tyler Ulis hits both of his, Wildcats with their largest lead 41-25, and that’s the score at the half.

Arkansas with a 3 pointer to start the second half, Andrew Harrison with his third 3 pointer, 44-28. Halfway through and the Cats are up by 9, 54-45.At almost 6 minutes left Kentucky is up by 17 points, Trey Lyles at the line, he makes both to bring it to 19 with a 67-48 Wildcat lead. Kentucky has a 20 point lead with a 70-50 lead. Kentucky will defeated Arkansas 78-63 to win their 28th SEC Championship.

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