Kentucky vs. Mississippi State 2010 SEC Championship 3/14/2010

Kentucky took on Mississippi State in the 2010 SEC Tournament for the SEC Championship. Kentucky is looking to win their 28th SEC Championship and the first in John Calipari’s season here at Kentucky.

Patrick Patterson at the line, he misses the first, but gets the second getting the Cats on the board. Mississippi State with the lead as they get a bucket and on the board, 2-1. Kentucky takes the lead with a basket by Eric Bledsoe. Bulldogs back up top by a point. Miss State goes up by 3 but the Cats cuts it to just one, but the Bulldogs with a 3 pointer, 9-5. Kentucky with a one point lead, but Bulldogs go ahead, we tie up and the Cats with a basket to have a 16-14 lead halfway through. We are tied again at 18-18. We tie again at 20-20 and then 22-22.Bulldogs with a 5 point lead after a 3 pointer and bucket, Wildcats cut it to 3. Bulldogs still lead with less than minute to go, 35-31 at the half.

Eric Bledsoe with a 3 pointer to start the second half, Bulldogs miss a 3 pointer. John Wall goes for a 3 but DeMarcus Cousins with the rebound, Miss State with a 3, and Cousins with a slam to tie the game for the 7th time, but Cats go up front with a basket by John Wall, 40-38. Cats up by 3 but the Bulldogs make it just one, 44-43. Bulldogs take the lead with a 3 pointer putting them up 50-48. Wildcats regain the lead with a 3 pointer, 55-54. But Bulldogs hit one themselves to take back the lead. Kentucky ties it up at 64-64 sending us into overtime.

Kentucky scored first in overtime, Bulldogs within one and then they take the lead, a goal tend puts the Cats back up front. John Wall with a 3 pointer puts the Cats up by 5, but Bulldogs score to knock it down to just 3, 74-71. Cousins with a free throw, Bulldogs with a 3 pointer but it’s not enough as Kentucky knocks off Mississippi State 75-74 to win their 26th SEC Championship.

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