Kentucky vs. Tennessee 2019 SEC Semifinal 3/16/2019

The Cats and Vols went head to head in the 2019 SEC Semifinal in Nashville, TN on March 16, 2019.

Ashton Hagans with a 3 pointer to get the Cats started, Vols with one of their own. Kentucky goes ahead, we tie, Cats go ahead again but we tie at 7. Vols with a free throw to put them up one but Keldon Johnson with a 3 pointer to get the Cats up 10-8. Vols go ahead up one but Tyler Herro with a 3 pointer then a basket, Cats 20-16. Tennessee takes the lead but Kentucky tries to get close but the Vols have a 36-34 lead even after a 3 pointer by Reid Travis.

Free throws from PJ Washington ties us up at 36-36 and then again at 38-38 with a basket by Tyler Herro.  Kentucky goes ahead with a basket by EJ Montgomery and then Nick Richards. Vols takes the lead back, 54-51. Cats back up top with a breakaway dunk by Keldon Johnson. Kentucky with a 67-60 lead. Vols take the lead back and they defeat Kentucky 82-78 to move onto the championship game.

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