Kentucky vs. LSU 2/16/1994: Mardi Gras Miracle, The Comeback Cats

Kentucky and LSU faced each other on February 16, 1994 in Baton Rouge. This game is known as the Mardi Gras Miracle where the Kentucky Wildcats were known as the Comeback Cats, coming back in the second half from a 31 point deficit to the Tigers.

Kentucky with a free throw getting them on the board, LSU with a basket to have a 2-1 lead. Tigers up 7-1 as Kentucky can’t seem to score but they finally get a basket, and LSU responds, 9-3. LSU extends their lead with less than 6 left 30-21. LSU with a 3 pointer and they now have a 37-25 lead over the Cats. Another 3 pointer for the Tigers and another, and another makes it a 46-25 LSU lead.  Tigers will go into the half with a 48-32 lead.

Tony Delk starts the second half with a 3 pointer. LSU up to a 54-37 lead with almost 2 minutes of play in the second half. Kentucky trails LSU by 20 points as the Tigers have a 57-37 lead. Cats are down by 31 against the Tigers, as they lead 66-37. Kentucky finally scores some points with free throws but LSU still leads 68-43. Cats go on a 10-0 run and only trail by 17, 70-53. Kentucky is slowly making a comeback as they still trail 77-61. Cats have cut it down to 10 as the Tigers lead 79-69. Wildcats really start making their comeback as they have cut it to just 9 points. Cats down 88-79, Travis Ford hits a much needed 3 pointer for the Cats to make it an 88-82 game here in the second half. LSU scores, 91-82, the Cats score a basket and then a 3 pointer making it a 91-87 game.  Tigers go ahead 93-87, Jeff Brassow hits a 3 to make it 93-90, LSU with free throws  makes it 95-90 but the Cats with another 3 pointer by Tony Delk making it just a 2 point game 95-93 both teams with 13 3 pointers each in this game. Since the Cats were down by 31 points they have made a 56-27 run since. Walter McCarty with a 3 pointer for the Cats to take their first lead since 1-0 in the first half with just 19 seconds left, 96-95. Tony Delk misses the first free throw but makes the second. Travis Ford makes both free throws to give the Cats a 99-95 victory in a 31 point deficit comeback.

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