Women’s Basketball: Kentucky vs Tennessee SEC Championship 3/7/2010

Kentucky played in just their second SEC Championship game back in 2010. They faced the Lady Vols.

Tennessee gets on the board first with a basket and another to have a 4-0. Victoria Dunlap gets the Cats on the board. Tennessee scores and so does Victoria Dunlap but she misses the free throw for a 6-4 Tennessee lead. Lady Vols extend that lead 13-6.  Mathies with a 3 pointer for the Cats, 21-14 Tennessee. Kentucky cuts it down to just 3 and then a basket makes it one, 23-22. Kentucky takes their first lead with a basket and 1, 25-23. We tie at 25-25 and 27-27 before Tennessee takes the lead back 29-27. Kentucky ties it but Tennessee scores and then hits free throws, 33-29. Tennessee goes into halftime with a 35-29 lead.

Kentucky starts the second half with a basket; Tennessee responds right away, 38-33. Kentucky with a 3 pointer by Snowden and then a basket ties us up at 38-38.  Kentucky with a 42-40 lead, Tennessee with a 3 pointer, but the Cats takes the lead back 44-43. Tennessee up top but the Cats are once in the lead until Tennessee ties it up 48-48. Lady Vols take the lead, 54-50 over Kentucky.  Tennessee with a 3 pointer to extend their lead to 57-50. Kentucky is chipping away but Tennessee answers 61-53. Kentucky hits a 3 pointer, Tennessee with a free throw, 62-56. With less than a minute left the Lady Vols are up 68-62. Tennessee will win their 14th SEC Championship by defeating Kentucky 70-62.

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