Women’s Basketball: Kentucky vs. Tennessee 2011 SEC Championship 3/6/2011

Kentucky appeared in their third SEC Championship game back in 2011 and looked to win their 2nd SEC title as they won their first one back in 1982 against Tennessee.

 Tennessee starts with a 3 pointer, but Victoria Dunlap gets the Cats on the board, 3-2. They extend it to 10-9, but Kentucky takes the lead, 11-10. Bernisha Pinkett gets both free throws to make it a 13-10 Wildcats lead but Tennessee hits a 3 pointer ties it up. Lady Vols with back to back 3 pointers makes it a 19-14 lead. Kentucky with a free throw then a basket but Tennessee hits a 3 to have a 22-17 advantage. Kentucky on a run to make just a one point ball game, 30-29. But Tennessee hits a 3 pointer, and they now have a 37-30 lead before the half. Tennessee with a 39-30 lead at halftime.

Tennessee starts the second half like they did the first with a 3 pointer. Lady Vols with a 14 point lead over Kentucky. Tennessee still with the lead, 74-53. Kentucky with free throws still trailing the Lady Vols 78- 55. The Lady Vols have 16 3 pointers and have 90-62 advantage as they close in on another SEC title. Tennessee defeats Kentucky 90-65 to win their 15th SEC title.

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