Kentucky vs. North Carolina 12/5/2009

The Wildcats and Tar Heels faced each other back   on December 5, 2009 during John Calipari’s first season at Rupp Arena.

North Carolina with a 3 pointer to start the first half, DeMarcus Cousins gets the Cats on the board. Heels with another basket to still have a 5-2 lead, they get another one to make it 7-2.  Cats have gone on a 6-0 run to bring it within just one; Patrick Patterson gives the Cats the lead. 3 pointer by Darius Miller and dunk by Patrick Patterson, and another 3 pointer by Miller, 18-9 for the Cats. Kentucky leads by 11 now; they hit a 3 pointer and then a basket and free throw by John Wall for a 28-11 lead. They have gone a 28-2 run and North Carolina finally gets a field goal, but Kentucky with a 3 pointer the score is 33-14. Carolina with back to back 3 pointers and John Wall gets one of his own Cats still lead, 36-20.  Kentucky leads 43-28 at the half.

Ramon Harris for Kentucky scores and North Carolina responds.  Cats up 45-36 after two Carolina free throws. Rough start for the Cats so far after the Heels have had a much better and they are within 9, but Patrick Patterson scores, and then scores again giving the Cats a 53-40 advantage.  Cats lead 54-46 halfway through the second half. Tar Heels on a 9-3 run their last basket 3 pointer, 56-49. Heels have it within 3; Bledsoe makes both free throws and basket, but Heels hit a 3, Cats 63-59. Heels drill a 3 pointer to make it 63-61.  Kentucky defeats North Carolina 68-66 after North Carolina gets a buzzer beater 3 pointer.

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