Kentucky vs. Michigan State Elite Eight 2005

Today we have the game between #2 seed Kentucky and #5 seed Michigan State in the 2005 Regional Final in the NCAA Tournament in Austin, Texas.

Patrick Sparks hits a 3 pointer to start Kentucky out, Michigan State with a 3 pointer. Kentucky with another 3, but Michigan State only a basket, 6-5. Michigan State takes the lead, Kentucky up front, and Michigan State with another 3 pointer to take it right back, 10-8. Kentucky can’t seem to score with only a free throw but finally get a basket, 12-11. Cats with a much needed 3 pointer to put them back up top, 14-12. State with a 3 pointer and free throws extends their lead 17-14, Kentucky scores to cut to just one but State up 2, 19-16. They extend that lead to 23-16. Cats on a 7-0 run to tie it up, including a 3 pointer from Patrick Sparks. We are tied up again but Patrick Sparks hits his third 3 pointer of the game. Sparks with his 4th 3 of the game now Cats still lead. Kentucky leads 37-33 at the half.

Michigan State starts the second half with a 4-0 run before the Cats finally tie  it up, Spartans with a 3 to  go ahead, but Kentucky scores to go ahead, Spartans go ahead again, Rajon Rando scores and then gets a free throw, 44-42. A basket ties it for the Cats and then free throws puts them ahead again, 48-47. Michigan State ties it up then goes ahead, 51-50. Spartans with a 56-55 advantage, they are going to town here in the second half as they have a 3 pointer, basket, then another 3 pointer, Kentucky finally gets another field goal, down 68-60. Azibuke with a 3 pointer and they get within just one point with less than a minute, 73-72. State up by 3, Kentucky hits a 3 pointer to tie the game sending it to overtime, 75-75.

Kentucky starts overtime with a bucket, Rajon Rando at the line for two, he misses the both.  Kentucky back at the line, they make both, 79-75. A 3 pointer for State makes it a 79-78 game with less than 3, and they take the lead back 80-79, Kentucky back up top, 81-80. We are tied again, we head to double overtime.

Michigan State at the line to start the second overtime, they get one of two, 82-81. They get two more to have a four point advantage. Wildcats have not scored at all but finally get a point at the free throw line, 86-82.Michigan State defeats Kentucky 94-88 to advance to the Final Four to take on North Carolina in St. Louis.

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