Kentucky vs Wichita State 2014: Midwest 3rd Round NCAA Tournament

Kentucky took on Wichita State in the 3rd Round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament in St. Louis.

Kentucky has a 4-0 early lead but Wichita State hits a 3. Wichita State takes the lead, Kentucky takes it back, and then the Shockers score again to have the lead, 7-6. Alex Poythress with a dunk but Wichita State with a 3 pointer to have a 10-8 lead. Aaron Harrison with a 3 pointer to put the Cats back up front, James Young  with a 3 pointer as well, Wichita State with a bucket and free throw, 14-13. Cats up to 19-18 lead after both teams hit a 3 pointer. Shockers take the lead back, 22-19. Kentucky tries to get close and cut the lead down, but the Shockers have an answer and a 30-23 lead. Kentucky is still trying to catch up to Wichita State but they still lead, 34-28. Wichita State leads 37-31 at the half.

Michigan State with a 3 pointer to start the second half already. Kentucky with a basket then a 3 pointer of their own, 40-36, still a Shocker lead, but the Cats cut it to just one, 40-39. Kentucky goes ahead, but once more Shockers take the lead back and also hit a 3 pointer, 46-43. Kentucky with a 3 pointer and the lead, 48-46. Willie Cauley-Stein with a dunk to add to the Kentucky lead making it 50-46 for the Cats.  Shockers within one, Aaron Harrison with a basket, and the chance at a 3 point play, but he misses it, 55-52. Shockers back within one again, and then they take the lead and then up by 3, 58-55. Cats make both free throws to bring it within just one, but Shockers put it back up two, 60-57. Aaron Harrison hits a 3 pointer to tie it up, Shockers respond with one as well, 63-60, and another, 66-62. Aaron Harrison makes both free throws, but Wichita State’s Early hits a 3 pointer then fouls to send Aaron Harrison back to the line, he makes just one of two.  Andrew Harrison at the line, he makes both free throws, 69-67. Julius Randle at the line makes just one. Cats go ahead once more but the Shockers with a 3 to go ahead, James Young with a 3, and 73-71 Kentucky. Kentucky defeats Wichita State 78-76 to advance to the Sweet 16.

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