NFL Cats Draft Week

The NFL Draft is coming up on Thursday and we wanted to take a final look at where the so called experts are suggesting that our guys land in the draft.

Lynn Bowden

CBS – 4th Round – Philadelphia Eagles (Chad Reuter) – 5th Round – Texans – 4th Round – Buccaneers
Bleacher Report (Matt Miller) – 3rd Round – Patriots
Draftwire – 4th Round – Cowboys
Walter Football – 3rd Round – Raiders
Drafttek – 7th Round – Redskins

Logan Stenberg

CBS – 4th Round – Kansas City Chiefs (Chad Reuter) – 5th Round – Titans – 3rd Round – Raiders
Bleacher Report (Matt Miller) – 5th Round – Panthers
Draftwire – 3rd Round – Browns
Walter Football – 3rd Round – Dolphins
Drafttek – 2nd Round – Ravens

Calvin Taylor – 7th Round – Vikings

I don’t see anything that really pins any of these players to a certain round or team. Neither Bowden or Stenberg landed on the same team in any other the 7 mock draft we profiled here. If I was giving my guess on what round they will go, I’ll say 2-3 range. There are a handful of draft eligible Wildcats that could find themselves drafted in the later rounds and it’ll be fun to see where they go!

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