Kentucky vs. North Carolina 2017 CBS Sports Classic

Kentucky took on North Carolina in the 2017 CBS Sports Classic in Las Vegas, NV.

Kentucky scores first, North Carolina responds. Kentucky misses so UNC takes advantage and goes ahead. Kentucky with a 3 pointer, but UNC has answer still with the lead. We are tied up at 10-10 but North Carolina up by 2 only for Kentucky to tie it again. Cats on a 7-0 run which includes a 3 pointer and Kentucky ahead by 4, 21-17. Cats still up by 4 after Gabriel makes both free throws, 25-21. Kentucky is up by 10, 36-26. Kentucky goes into the half with a 56-51 lead.

Kentucky starts the second half with a 3 pointer, UNC scores. Another basket by the Cats and by the Heels. Cats still with the lead but down to just 4 as both teams hit a 3, 74-70. Malik Monk with 36 points so far, the most by a Kentucky freshman. Monk with his 6th 3 pointer of the game and he just keeps breaking records as he now has 39 points and counting, Kentucky with an 81-74 lead. Tar Heels staying in this game and keeping the score close still trailing 86-80 to the Cats. Less than 5 to go and the Cats with a 93-88 lead over North Carolina. This second half has been a back and forth game between these two blue bloods, a 3 pointer by UNC and a basket by Monk. Heels within 2, Heels with both free throws to tie it up at 95-95. Heels up front after a 3 pointer, and Malik Monk with a 3 pointer, Heels with a basket to reach 100. Malik Monk another 3 pointer to have 47 points the most ever by a college freshman, 101-100 Kentucky. De’Aaron Fox at the line making both to seal the Wildcat victory over the Tar Heels and a final score of 103-100 for the Wildcats.

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