Kentucky vs North Carolina 2017 Elite Eight

Kentucky and North Carolina went head to head in the 2017 Elite Eight. North Carolina would get redemption after their 103-100 loss earlier in the season.

North Carolina had a great start to the game they have an early 6-0 lead, but De’Aaron Fox puts the Cats on the board with a bucket along with a 3 pointer, 6-5. Heels with an 11-7 lead. Luke Maye with a 3 pointer for the Heels giving them a 16-11. Back and forth between these teams as Dominique Hawkins just drains a 3 for the Cats, but Carolina has an answer, 22-17. A corner 3 pointer from Hawkins and a basket by Humphries, Heels with a 31-24 lead. North Carolina will have the lead going into halftime, 38-33.

Kentucky already has 6 unanswered points to start the second half as they take the lead, their first but that’s short lived as Carolina hits both free throws putting them back up front, 40-39. Heels with a 3 pointer and a foul on Malik Monk for a 4 point play giving them a 44-39 lead. Bam Adebayo with his 100th dunk of the season, 44-41.  Halfway through we are at a 53-47 Heel lead. Back and forth with the lead, Kentucky takes it back for a second time and they now have their biggest lead of 3, 62-59. Isaac Humphries with a career high of 12 points for the Cats, 64-61. Carolina at the line for two, and the tie it and then takes the lead, 65-64. Tar Heels would go on to defeat Kentucky, 75-73 with a last minute basket by Luke Maye sending the Heels to take on Oregon in the Final Four.

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