Kentucky vs. Florida Volleyball 11/17/2019

Kentucky traveled to Gainesville on November 17, 2019 to take on the Gators.

Set 1

Florida gets the first point, Kentucky finally gets on the board but Florida up to 4-1, and Cats get another to cut the lead, 4-2. Gators still with lead, 8-4. Kentucky with 4 unanswered points to tie it up at 8-8 and then again at 9-9. Wildcats with their first lead, 14-13. Wildcat up to 23-20. Kentucky takes the first set over Florida 25- 21.

Set 2

Florida with an early 10-6 lead. Kentucky slowly catches up but still trails 12-9. Gators stretch their lead over Kentucky 19-15. Gators even things up as they take the second set 25-15.

Set 3

Florida again with the first point to start the set, well the first 3 before Kentucky finally puts three of their own points on the board, 3-3. Florida extends their lead but the Cats catch up to them to tie it up at 9-9. Florida takes the third, 25-23 to give them a 2-1 lead over Kentucky.

Set 4

Kentucky with the lead in the fourth set 12-10. We tie at 23 and the Gators with a match point for the win. But Kentucky ties it and go for the set point, and wins the fourth set 26-24.

Set 5

Kentucky starts the last set on a 5-0 run before the Gators finally got on the board, 5-2. Kentucky wins  the fifth set 15-12 and the match 3-2

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