1951 NCAA Tournament

The 1951 NCAA Tournament consisted of 16 teams and starts on March 20th and ended on the 27th in Minneapolis, MN.

In the East region we had Illinois taking on Columbia, Illinois would win 79-71. NC State took on Villanova, NC State would defeat Villanova 67-62 to go on and face Illinois.

Kentucky faced in state rival Louisville defeating them 79-68. St, Johns defeated Connecticut 63-52 to face Kentucky.

Illinois defeated NC State 84-70 and Kentucky defeated St. John’s 59-43.

Kentucky would defeat Illinois 76-74 to move on the national title game.

In the West region, Kansas State defeated Arizona 61-59, BYU defeated San Jose State 68-61, Oklahoma A &M defeated Montana State 50-46, and Washington defeated Texas A &M 62-40.

Kansas State defeated BYU 64-54 and Oklahoma A &M defeated Washington 61-57.

Kansas State defeated Oklahoma A &M 68-44 to go to face Kentucky for the national title

Kentucky defeats Kansas State 68-58 to win their 3rd  national title in school history

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