Kentucky vs. UT Arlington 11/25/14

Kentucky hosted UT Arlington on November 25, 2014.

Kentucky with the first points on free throws by James Young, UTA on the board with a basket to tie it up at 2 and then 4, but the Cats lead 8-4 after two more free throws by James Young. Kentucky with back to back 3 pointers to be up 14-4. Kentucky with a 3 pointer, UTA with one as well has us up to a 19-8 Kentucky lead. UTA keeps gaining on the Cats as they only scored a bucket where UTA has scored nine, 21-17. Cats still with the lead but UTA hits back to back 3’s to get them within just 3 points, 28-25.  Kentucky goes into halftime with a 42-33 lead over UT Arlington.

So far it’s been all Kentucky to start off the second half 49-33 with UTA not scoring as the Cats go on a 7-0 run. What was once a 14 point lead has been extended to 21, 65-44 for the Cats. Less than halfway through Kentucky is up 77-55. Kentucky with a dominate second half so far as they near a possible 100 points, 91-69.Cats finally break  a hundred as they still leas UTA 100-74. Madisonville native, Jon Hood with both free throws putting the Cats up 105-76 which would be the final score.

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