1958 NCAA Tournament

By now we are up to 24 teams and 4 regions. Kentucky was in the Mideast Region.

Kentucky faced Miami (OH) after they defeated Pittsburgh in the quarterfinals, the Cats defeated Miami OH 94-70 advancing the Cats to the Mideast Finals where they faced and defeated Notre Dame 89-56

Kentucky faced Temple in the national semis and defeated them 61-60 and went on to face Seattle in the National Title game, they would win their 4th national title defeating Seattle 84-72. This would the 4th national title under Adolph Rupp and would be the last one for Kentucky until 20 years later.


  1. I was Rupp’s last Student Manager 1969-1972 in the 1958 Final 4 which was played in Louisville Seattle had only lost 1 game against Idaho the Star was Elgin Baylor
    The Idaho Coach came to Rupp’s hotel room
    With a film showing How to defeat Seattle
    At 11:00 PM Rupp got the team in a ballroom and showed them the film
    The game plan worked UK won the Title
    Rupp kept the name of the Idaho coach a secret until that coach died
    Hope you enjoy this story

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