Kentucky vs. Duke 1978 National Title 3/27/1978

Kentucky took on Duke in the 1978 National Title game to eventually go on to win their 5th national title and first under Joe B. Hall. This took place in St. Louis, Missouri at the Checkerdome.

Kentucky with the tip by Kyle Macy, but Duke gets on the board first with free throws by Gminski after a foul by Mike Phillips, Gminski makes both to give the Blue Devils a 2-0 lead. Rick Robey gets the Cats on the board, 2-2. Kentucky takes the lead after Mike Phillips makes both free throws, 4-2. Jack ‘Goose” Givens makes one of two free throws, 5-2. Gminski for Duke scores to make it 5-4.  Kyle Macy scores for the Cats to make 9-6. Kentucky extends it to 11-6 over the Blue Devils. James Lee scores, Duke responds, and then Kyle Macy makes it 15-10. Kentucky with their largest lead so far, 19-12. Duke gets to just one but the Wildcats responds, 21-18. Duke ties it up but Rick Robey scores and heads to the line making it, 25-22, but Duke goes to the line as well to make it 25-24, Kentucky scores 27-24. Jay Shidler scores to make it 29-26. Duke is keeping it close by just one, 31-30, but Jack Givens scores for the Cats, and he’s at the line making both, 35-30. Kentucky goes into the half with a 47-44 lead.

Kentucky on a 4-2 run here in the second half to have a 51-46 lead, Bill Foster given a technical and Kyle Macy at the line for two, he makes both, 53-46. Cats up by 9, 57-48. They extend it to 64-50 and then 66-50 with Jack Givens at the line and he misses but has 31 points. Duke still trails but gets it to 70- 61. With less than 10 minutes left, the Cats have a 72-63 lead. Less than 3 minutes and the Cats lead 88-78. Jack Givens with 41 points. Kentucky defeats Duke 94-88 to win their fifth national title.

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