Kentucky vs. Duke 1998 Elite Eight

Kentucky took on Duke in the 1998 Elite Eight in the South Regional in St. Petersburg, FL

Duke with the first two points on free throws after a Kentucky foul. They hit a 3 pointer to have an early 5-0 lead over the Cats. Nazr Mohammed with the first points for the Cats getting them on the board, 5-2.Another 3 pointer for the Blue Devils and they extend the lead to 8-2. Allen Edwards for the Cats with a 3 pointer. Duke keeps extending their 14-7, Kentucky with two free throws by Wayne Turner to make it 14-9. Duke with yet another 3 pointer to make it a 17-11 lead; Jeff Shepherd with 2 out of 3 free throws. Wayne Turner with another 3 point chance and he gets all three making it just a 17-16 game. Blue Devils now with a 31-20 lead less than halfway through. Kentucky finally scores after a bit of a drought still down 38-24 after free throws. Kentucky has 10 unanswered points they have it down to just 6 points, 38-32. Duke leads Kentucky 49-39 at the half. The Cats at one point trailed by 18 points to Duke.

Kentucky scores first in the second half; Duke follows them 51-41. Duke still with a lead over Kentucky 56-45. Hamisu Evans with a 3 pointer and Kentucky with another 61-51. Midway through the half Duke still with the lead over Kentucky 71-54. Back to back 3 pointers from Kentucky, a basket, and free throw bring them within 9.  Cameron Mills hits a 3 pointer to give Kentucky their first lead of the game, 80-79. Duke takes it back with free throws. Scott Padgett ties it. 3 pointer for the Cats for the lead.Kentucky goes on to defeat Duke 86-84 to face Stanford in the 1998 Final Four

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