Kentucky vs. Marquette 2003 Elite Eight 3/29/2003

 Kentucky took on Marquette in the 2003 Elite Eight in the Midwest Regional in Minnesota for a spot in the Final Four. This game Marquette’s Dwayne Wade future Miami Heat player would lead his team to victory just torching Kentucky along the way.

Kentucky is first on the board after going to the line just making one of two free throws, but Marquette answers with a basket to have the lead, and Kentucky takes it back, 3-2. Marquette with a 3 pointer to tie it up at 5-5. Kentucky with a basket to take the lead back, a free throw for Marquette and then a basket for them to take the lead, 8-7. Kentucky takes the lead back with a 14-10 advantage. Dwayne Wade with a 3 pointer bringing Marquette within just one and a basket puts them back up top. Kentucky keeps close to Marquette with a 3 pointer but Marquette answers with a basket, 24-19.  Marquette up by 10 now over the Wildcats, 29-19. A 3 pointer makes it a 32-19 Marquette advantage with less than 5 minutes to go in the first. Back to back 3 pointers for Marquette and they are up to a 40-23 lead. Marquette with a 45-26 lead over Kentucky at halftime.

Kentucky starts the second half with a basket then a 3 pointer but Marquette answers, 47-31. Marquette still with the lead at 51-36. Kentucky still trying to catch up to Marquette here in the second but they just hit a 3 pointer extending their lead, Kentucky with a basket, 57-43. Midway through the halfway the Golden Eagles still lead the Wildcats 61-47.With Dwayne Wade’s 29 points he leads No. 3 Marquette past No. 1 Kentucky 83-69 to advance to the 2003 Final Four.

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