Kentucky vs. Florida 2/7/2015

Kentucky traveled to Gainesville to take on Florida back in 2015.

Kentucky with first points of the game, but Florida takes the lead over the Cats, 6-2. Gators   keep the lead up but Kentucky is finding a way to stay close, but the Gators are now up by 9 with an 18-9 lead. The Cats are still trailing the Gators midway through and Andrew Harrison with a much needed 3 for the Cats. Cats are just cutting away at the lead but trail at the half to Florida, 30-28.

Kentucky ties it to start the second half, but Florida answers with a 3 pointer. Cats with the lead again since the start of the first half, 34-32. Florida with a 3 pointer back to back and Kentucky responds with one. Back and forth with the lead between these two teams, Andrew Harrison with a 3 pointer, but Florida back up top. Willie Cauley-Stein with a slam dunk for the Cats. Kentucky  defeats Florida 68-61.

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