Kentucky vs. Florida 3/13/15 SEC Quarterfinal

Kentucky took on Florida in the 2015 SEC Quarterfinal where they would go on to defeat Auburn and Arkansas to win the 2015 SEC Championship and add their growing undefeated record.

Kentucky on the board first with a jumper by Aaron Harrison, Florida ties it up. Florida has taken the lead over Kentucky, 10-5. Kentucky ties it up with a 3 pointer, 12-12, but Florida responds with a 3 pointer of their own, 15-12. Kentucky within one, and they take the lead back, 18-17. Wildcats lead the Gators 31-27 at halftime.

Florida scores first, Kentucky responds. Wildcats still with the lead and a 3 pointer to go with it, 42-31.  Halfway through Wildcats still lead,48-42. Tyler Ulis with a long 3 pointer for Kentucky. Kentucky defeats Florida 64-49 to advance to the semifinal game against Auburn.

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