Kentucky vs. LSU 2/10/2015

Kentucky traveled to Baton Rouge to take on LSU in SEC play on February 10, 2015 at Pete Maravich Center.

LSU on the board first, Kentucky answers 2-2. Tigers extends that to 14-8, Devin Booker with a 3 pointer and Kentucky gets a basket, but LSU answers with a 3 pointer, then another Kentucky basket, 17-15. Kentucky tires to stay close but LSU seems to find a way to keep their lead, 24-19. Wildcats just keep inching close and they tie it up at 30-30 and then 32-32. Kentucky with their first lead of the game with less than 3 to go in the first, 34-32. Kentucky with a 38-34 lead at the half here in Baton Rouge.

Kentucky starts the second half and they lead 42-36.Kentucky with a 3 pointer just to add to their lead over LSU 58-50. LSU takes the lead back in the second with the Cats just creeping behind them and the lead back and Kentucky defeats LSU 71-69.

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