Kentucky vs. Ohio State Sweet 16 2011

Kentucky faced Ohio State in the 2011 Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament that year in Newark, NJ in the East Region.

Ohio State on the board first at almost 2 minutes of play, with a Kentucky foul, Buckeyes at  the line for two, he makes both and Kentucky gets on the board, they have a 4-2 lead. Ohio State with a 3 pointer to lead Kentucky 9-4.Kentucky hits a 3 pointer but Ohio State just keeps adding to their lead and doubles it at 14-7. Kentucky with their first lead of the game, 19-18, that’s not long lived as Ohio State goes to the line for two making them both to take back the lead, but Kentucky takes it back. Brandon Knight at the line for the Cats for two and OSU tie it up. Buckeyes back up top but Josh Harrellson for Kentucky ties it up 25-25. A Kentucky foul leads to a Buckeye lead after making both free throws. Kentucky 3 pointer, OSU heads back to the line; they make both a take back the lead. Cats and Buckeyes tied up at 30-30 at halftime.

Ohio State starts the second with a 3 pointer, 33-30, Kentucky answers right back, 33-32, another Buckeye 3 pointer. Kentucky at the line, makes just one of two, back at the line, they get both, 36-35. Doron Lamb hits the third 3 pointer for the Cats, they have the lead and we are tied. Ohio State with another 3 pointer, Kentucky with a basket and a free throw ties it. Brandon Knight with a basket to give the Cats the win, 62-60.The Cats would go on to face North Carolina at the Elite Eight.

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