Kentucky vs. Florida 3/10/2012

No. 1 ranked Kentucky took on No. 19 Florida in the 2012 SEC Semifinals in New Orleans.

Florida with a 3 pointer, Kentucky answers with a basket. Gators still with the lead, 10-6. Kentucky stays close. Florida still leads the Cats midway through 28-21. The Cats are trying to chip away at the Gators lead but they seem to have an answer and lead 37-30. Cats have it down to two with a basket by Marquis Teague. Kentucky with a 3 pointer by Anthony Davis to put them up front and their first lead of the game, 40-39 at halftime for the Cats.

Florida starts the second half, Kentucky with a 3, and Florida answers right back with one of their own. Back and forth early in the half but the Gators have taken the lead back. Kentucky ties it up but Florida still leads. Kentucky catches up to take back the lead with a basket and then a 3 pointer, 60-56. Kentucky keeps their lead. Kentucky defeats Florida 74-71.

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