UK Hockey’s New Home

Lexington, Ky. This coming season, the UK Hockey Club joined the Tri-State Collegiate Hockey League. This is great for the club in many ways.

First, this is great because travel within the league will be easier on the Cats. All teams are in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. This is a major plus.

The next great thing is rivals. The TSCHL has Indiana and Louisville, two of UK’s natural rivals. This gives the league more rivalry games per season, and UK has locked in rivalry games.

The third bonus of joining the TSCHL is competition. Five of the 9 teams finished in the ACHA SouthEast D2 top 20 last season. Ohio St (8), Xavier (12), Indiana (13), Kentucky (16), and Ohio (17). Louisville is normally a top team in the division, and should bounce back after a down season in 2019-2020.

The strength of the TSCHL, along with having the bonus of a league tournament, could help UK majorly in getting into Nationals over when they where an Independent team.

All in all, this as a win for the club. They get in a great league, have great competition, and can grow the brand. The TSCHL got a great program on the rise to add to its already loaded league. The 2020-2021 season is going to be fun to watch.

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