Kentucky vs. Texas Western 1966 National Title

Kentucky faced Texas Western (now known as UTEP) for the 1966 National Title game on March 19, 1966 at the Cole Field house in College Park, Maryland. Watching this game which was in black and white was truly awesome, although we ended up losing in the end. But the thing is, this game took place long before my time, but this was during my late grandfather’s time so this game is for him!

Kentucky with the first point of the game with a free throw, but Texas Western with a basket and then a free throw to take the lead, 3-1. Wildcats tie it up 3-3. Kentucky takes the lead with baskets 7-3 over Texas Western. Texas Western has tied it up then takes the lead, 9-8. Louie Dampier with a free throw to tie it for the third time of the game. Miners takes the lead back with 14-11 even after a Kentucky jumpshot. Texas Western leas by 7, but Kentucky scores and gets a free throw to make it 20-16. Texas Western leads Kentucky 34-31 at the half.

Kentucky starts the second half with a free throw to be within just 2 as they were once down by 8 in the first half to the Miners, but they get a free throw, 35-32. Miners with both free throws, Wildcats now within one but more free throws, but again within one, 39-38 for the Cats. Miners pull back ahead as Kentucky tries to but can’t, 43-38. Kentucky  is trying to pull closer to the Miners but they just can’t as their lead just grows even with Kentucky cutting into it, 60-54. The Texas Western Miners defeat the No.1 ranked Kentucky Wildcats 72-65 to win their first national title.

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