Kentucky vs. North Carolina 12/26/1981

Kentucky took on North Carolina at East Rutherford, NJ on December 26, 1981.

 Kentucky leads early over North Carolina, 4-2. Carolina slowly catches up to the Cats and ties it up, but Kentucky answers, Carolina responds and then they take the lead, but we tie up and the Cats back up top 15-14. We are tied up once again and then again and once more at 21, 23, and now 25. Heels back up top, 29-25. Carolina extend their lead by 5, Cats cut it to 3, 36-33. North Carolina leads 38-35 at the half over Kentucky.

North Carolina on a 4-0 run to start the second half and Kentucky finally scores but Carolina still leads, 50-40. Heels have total control of this game as they still lead the Cats 63-50. North Carolina is absolutely dominating Kentucky as they now lead by 10, 63-53.North Carolina would go onto to defeat Kentucky 82-69.

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