Kentucky vs. Indiana 3/23/12

Kentucky took on Indiana in the 2012 Sweet 16 game in the NCAA Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kentucky starts with a 3 pointer by Terrance Jones, Indiana answers with a basket, Jones with a basket to have all of Kentucky’s points, 5-2. Kentucky still with the lead then Indiana hits a 3 pointer for their first lead, and Kentucky ties it up, 9-9. Doron Lamb with a 3 pointer giving the Cats a 14-9 lead. Hoosiers within one after Kentucky has missed several attempts at a field goal, 16-15. Kentucky leads midway through 31-26 over Indiana. Indiana ties it up again with a 3 pointer and now they lead the Cats, 43-39. Kentucky catches up quickly as they take back their lead 45-43. Kentucky leads 50-47 at the halftime.

Indiana with the first points of the second half, but Kentucky with an answer going on a 6-2 run with a 56-49 lead. Extending their lead the Cats have a 64-58 advantage over the Hoosiers. Kentucky up by ten with the Hoosiers largest deficit, 74-64. They both score to still be up by ten, 76-66. Less than halfway and the Cats still lead 82-75 as the Hoosiers are still trying to close in on the Cats. Kentucky goes on to defeat Indiana 102-90 going on to play Baylor in the Elite Eight.

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