1958 National Championship Kentucky vs. Seattle 3/22/1958

This game is very special to me because Kentucky won their 4th National Championship on my late grandfather’s birthday.

Kentucky took on Seattle for the National Title on March 22, 1958 at Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY.

Kentucky on the board first making just one of two free throws, Seattle does the same for a 1-1 score. Seattle with two more free throws to go ahead, but Kentucky responds with two free throws of their own for a 3-3 score, all free throws no field goals from either team. Seattle with two field goals to have a 7-3 lead. Kentucky gets their first field goal of the game to be right behind Seattle 7-5. Kentucky ties it with a basket, then goes ahead but Seattle ties it again and we are at 10-10. Seattle with a 14-10 lead over the Cats. It’s all Seattle so far with an 18-10 lead. Kentucky with two free throws making it 18-12. Two more free throws, 21-16 still Seattle. Seattle leads 25-16 after a few baskets. Kentucky down by just 5, 37-32. Seattle leads 39-36 at halftime over Kentucky.

Kentucky scores first in the second half to be within one. Seattle still with the lead 46-42 over Kentucky. 53-51 Seattle but Kentucky is close. We are tied up at 56-56 and again at 58-58, Seattle with both free throws and the Cats with one, 60-59. Cats with the lead since the first half since 1-0, 61-60. Wildcats still with the lead 68-62. Kentucky defeats Seattle 84-72 to win their 4th and final National Championship under Adolph Rupp.

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