Kentucky vs. Indiana 12/7/1980

Joe B. Hall’s Kentucky Wildcats would travel to Bloomington, IN to take on Bob Knight’s Indiana Hoosiers on December 6, 1980. Saw Bowie got Kentucky on board with a basket, Ray Tolbert for the Hoosiers, makes 1 out of two free throws to get them on the board, 2-1. Kentucky would add to their lead when Indiana finally break their score drought with a basket cutting the Wildcat’s lead in half at 6-3. Kentucky would once again keep the lead but Indiana catches up to take the lead over Kentucky, but a basket puts the Cats back up top over the Hoosiers. At one point the lead is 10 with a Kentucky 21-11 advantage. Hoosiers once again catching up but the Cats have an answer for them and have 25-19 lead. Indiana at the line and they make both to make it 25-21. Kentucky leads 37-33 at the half.

Indiana starts the second half on a 4-0 run to tie it up with Kentucky at 37-37. Indiana with their first lead of the half as Kentucky has yet to score in this half but they finally do, but they trail the Hoosiers 45-42. Cats with back with the lead 56-54. Kentucky down by two, but Sam Bowie at the line for a 1-and-1, he makes both to tie it up at 62 even for both teams. Kentucky defeats Indiana 68-66.

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