Kentucky vs. Notre Dame 12/29/1979

Kentucky and Notre Dame went head to head with each other on December 29, 1979 at Freedom Hall in Louisville.

LaVon Williams gets Kentucky on the board, Kyle Macy with a basket as well as the Cats lead 4-2 after ND gets on the board. Kentucky by 6 now with a 10-4 lead almost 4 minutes in. Notre Dame catches up to pull within four but Kentucky responds with a basket to make it 16-10. Kentucky with their largest lead of the game, they lead Notre Dame 24-12 halfway through the half. LaVon makes one of two free throws for the Cats to lead 33-19, Notre Dame scores and Kentucky does after, 35-21. Kentucky leads 47-33 at the half.

Notre Dame to score first in the second half with free throws, Kentucky with a basket by Chuck Verderber, 49-35. Kentucky still on top 53-41 over Notre Dame. With a basket by Kyle Macy, Kentucky leads 57-47. Kentucky with a 67-53 advantage over the Fighting Irish. Irish catching up to the Cats as they still lead 75-69 with 5:15 to go. Kentucky defeats Notre Dame 86 -80.

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