Kentucky vs. Tennessee 2-15-1975

Kentucky starts out with a basket first, Tennessee ties it up at 2-2, then they run away with the lead for most of the first half. Kentucky stayed fairly close to the Vols at first but Tennessee keeps the lead pretty far ahead, even though the Cats are still trying to chip away at the advantage they just don’t seem to have an answer. Tennessee leads Kentucky 43-32. Tennessee still in control of the ball as they lead Kentucky 56-44 at the half.

Kentucky starts the second half with a basket to make it 56-46, Tennessee answers with a basket of their own, 58-46. Still down 10, Cats trail 62-52 but Tennessee answers. Kentucky would outscore Tennessee 26-16 over the next 9 minutes to be within just 2 points, the closest they been since midway through the first half at 21-20, Tennessee with a 80-78 lead, but they answer now up by 4, 82-78. Once again, Cats within two but the Vols would run away with again to defeat Kentucky 104-98.

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