Kentucky vs. Cincinnati 2015 NCAA Midwest 3rd Round

Kentucky faced Cincinnati in the 2015 Midwest 3rd Round in Louisville, KY. Cincy with the first basket of the game, Kentucky answers back with a basket as well to tie it up. Cincinnati with the lead,  but Kentucky has an answer for everything and they hit a 3 pointer to tie it up and the Cat have the lead, but he Bearcats with a 3 pointer to  take it back. Cats within one and a slam dunk by WCS to give the Cats the lead and a 3 pointer by Ulis. Aaron Harrison with a 3 pointer, his second of the game. Kentucky with a 31-24 lead at the half over Cincinnati.

Kentucky still with the lead in the second half as they are up by 7 with a basket by Devin Booker, 39-32. Tyler Ulis with a  3 pointer as les than half way through the half the Cats as they just keep  adding to their lead as the Cats will remain undefeated by defeating Cincinnati 64-51.

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