Kentucky vs. Tennessee 2014

Kentucky faced Tennessee back in 2014 on the road after coming off a 3 game loss series to Ole Miss. 

1st inning

Kentucky is off to not such a good start with 2 strike outs, and the Cats go down 1-2-3 without a run for the first inning. Will Maddox for Tennessee gets on first base after just one hit. AJ Simcox gets on base with Maddox on third. Tennessee with their first out of the inning still players on first and third. Will Maddox with a run but another out for the Vols.  Tennessee only gets one run as they lead the Cats 1-0.

2nd inning

Kentucky starts the inning off by finally getting on base, players on first and second after a walk on. Kentucky with their first out but they get on the board with a RBI tying it up, 1-1.Just one player on second base and two players have struck out and no runs scored for the Vols and we are still tied 1-1 after 2.

3rd inning

Kentucky with a base hit to start off the third inning and the Cats with bases loaded and no outs as well.   A run is scored but they are up to 2 outs after a strikeout from AJ Reed and catch. Big Blue Bomb for Ka’ai Tom scores 3 runs for the Cats. Another base hit gets Michael Thomas on first, still two outs. Two more runs are scored for the Cats; they lead 7-1.A 3 up 3 down inning for the Vols as we head to the fourth.

4th thru 6th inning

No runs scored for either team

7th inning

Kentucky with two on base, AJ Reed scores a run for the Cats after a hit by Michael Thomas, players now on second and third. Cats lead 9-1 as the Vols are scoreless in the 7th.

8th   inning

AJ Reed with a Big Blue Bomb for 3 runs for the Cats giving them a 12-1 lead. Vols are scoreless again

9th inning

Matt Reida with a Big Blue Bomb for three more runs for the Cats they lead 15-1.

Kentucky defeats Tennessee in Game 1 of three 15-1.

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