Kentucky vs. Arkansas 1995 SEC Championship

Kentucky took on Arkansas in the 1995 SEC Championship game in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome on March 12, 1995.

Kentucky opens the first half with two free throws, but Arkansas answers with a 3 pointer. Razorbacks with the lead over the Cats, 10-9.  Arkansas with a 3 pointer to be up by 4, 13-9. Razorbacks with their biggest lead over the Wildcats, 25-14. Less than halfway through the half and Arkansas leads 35-18 after Kentucky hits a basket. Arkansas leads 50-44 at the half.

Arkansas scores the first points of the second half, Kentucky answers and they get within 3, 56-53. Arkansas still leads halfway through at 67-60, and Kentucky with a 3 and Pope with a basket, 72-65. Kentucky has finally caught up in this game to tie it up but Arkansas responds with a basket, and is heading to the line, but they miss, 80-78. All tied up at 80-80. Kentucky at the line but Rodrick Rhodes misses both and we head into overtime.

Arkansas with the first points in overtime and they get another one to lead, 84-80. A 3 pointer gives them a 7 point lead, but Kentucky finally scores, 87-82. Arkansas still leads but Kentucky is slowly chipping away at their lead, with it down to just 4, 91-87.  Kentucky within just one, 93-92, Anthony Epps ties it as he’s at the line and he gets the second to give Kentucky the lead since 2-0 in the first half. Kentucky defeats Arkansas 95-93 in overtime to win their 4th straight SEC title.

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