Ken Griffey Jr. – Best Swing, Best Swag, Best Super Nintendo Game

There’s obviously a void in sports activity these days and a lot of sports including baseball are gearing up for their return. Ken Griffey Jr. has been all over social media lately due to a MLB Network documentary on “The Kid”.

There’s not a way I could talk about my personal favorite baseball player ever without talking about my favorite baseball video game ever. That my friends is Ken Griffey Jr. presents Major League Baseball for the Super Nintendo.

The game did not have rights to all of the players names and came up with some fairly comical names for their rosters. You could edit those rosters and my brother and I spent hours putting in the real names of all the players. It’s top ten best video games ever in my opinion.

Now, let me tie this all in to Kentucky sports. This is a Kentucky sports blog after all! Back in 2014 Ken Griffey went to College Gameday and was the guest picker. One of the games he picked was the Kentucky at LSU game. Kentucky and LSU both came into the game at 5-1 and it was the Wildcats big chance to get bowl eligible in Stoops’ second season at Kentucky. Instead, LSU destroyed Kentucky 41-3 and the Wildcats lost the rest of their games that year. To be fair it was going to be tough to get wins in those last 5 games. 3 were ranked (Miss. St., Georgia, and Louisville), we had to face Tennessee in Knoxville, and Missouri in Columbia. The season was a building block for what was to come and even though Griffey may have cursed Kentucky a bit, I welcome him to pick us anytime he wants!

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