Kentucky vs. North Carolina 1989

Kentucky took on North Carolina at Freedom Hall in Louisville on 12/27/1989.

North Carolina on the board first, they go to the line to make it a 3 point play to lead the Cats 3-0. Kentucky is finally on the board after the Tar Heels had an early 5-0 lead but now 5-2. Reggie Hanson with all of the Cats points, UNC up by 7 with an 11-4 lead. North Carolina has been dominating Kentucky from the get go as they lead the Cats, 39-14, a 25 point blowout so far. Now with a 28 point lead the Cats with their largest deficit so far, Richie Farmer with a 3 pointer and UNC respond with one, and another 3 pointer by Kentucky, 51-26. Kentucky is slowly but surely chipping at the UNC lead as its 54-42 with a 3 pointer by Richie Farmer. Kentucky was down by 28, then just 9, now they trail 62-47. North Carolina leads Kentucky 64-47 at halftime.

Kentucky starts the second half with a 3 pointer by Derrick Miller, 64-53. Kentucky has 12 3 pointers so far in this game, but UNC still leads 71-56. Kentucky still trails North Carolina 80-66 with Sean Woods making both free throws for the Cats. Kentucky with a 3 pointer and the Heels with a basket, 82-69. Heels are keeping their advantage not allowing the Cats to get close. North Carolina will defeat Kentucky 121-110. Kentucky set a new NCAA record this night as they have made 20 3 pointers in the game against North Carolina. The previous record they set was 19 against Furman in the 89-90 season.

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