Kentucky vs. LSU 1/29/1986

Kentucky traveled to Baton Rouge to take on LSU in SEC play on January 29, 1986.

Kentucky with the first points of thegame leading 2-0 early. LSU ties it up and then they go ahead with a basket. We tie up two more times recently at 6-6. LSU makes both free throws to have the lead again. LSU goes ahead to have the lead but Kentucky has tied it up every time, 12-12. Kentucky with the lead but its short lived when LSU ties it and then takes the lead, 16-14. Kentucky finally has a steady lead here in the first, 24-18. They keep it up although LSU ends up staying within 2, tie it up but then Kentucky still up by just 2 points. They lead LSU 32-28 at the half.

LSU on a 4-0 run to start the second to tie it up, Kentucky finally gets points for the half, but LSU ties it up once again, 34-34. LSU with their first lead of the half, but Kentucky ties it up. Kentucky maintain their lead for the rest of the game here as we get close to the last few minutes, Cats up by just 1, 51-50. Kentucky defeats LSU 54-52.

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