Arizona State 11/28/2016

Kentucky starts the game with the first basket by Malik Monk, ASU with a 3 pointer to take the lead. Kentucky takes the lead and they keep after they go ahead, 6-5. Cats with a 3 pointer to lead by 10, 20-10. Kentucky is dominating here as they lead 31-18 halfway through this half. Kentucky leads the Sun Devils 58-30 at the half.

Malik Monk starts the Cats off in the second half and they go on a 9-0 run before ASU finally scores but the Cats are up 70-32. Kentucky has several 3 pointers so far in this game, 78-37. Cats are still leading halfway through this half, 87-49. They dominate the rest of the second half just like they did in the first half. Kentucky hits the century mark at 4:32 as they lead 101-62 and go on to defeat Arizona State 115-69.

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