Kentucky vs. Arkansas 1/29/1995

Kentucky traveled to Fayetteville to take on Arkansas at Bud Walton Arena on January 29, 1995.

Kentucky leads 6-5 to start the first half, they make it 9-7 and Arkansas hits a 3 pointer to take the lead 10-9. Kentucky back with the lead 14-11. All tied up for the Cats and Hogs at 16-16, Tony Delk breaks the tie for the Cats and they have a 24-16 advantage. Kentucky leads 42-33 with roughly 3 minutes to go in the half. Arkansas with a 3 pointer before the buzzer to lead 49-47 at the half.

Kentucky starts the second half off with a basket to tie it up at 49-49.  Arkansas with the lead over the Cats and they continue this for the rest of the game leading 61-58.  Anthony Epps with a 3 pointer to cut the lead in half, 66-60. Arkansas maintains their leads and Kentucky does everything they can to stay close as they tie it up at 80-80. Kentucky with the lead now in the second, but its short lived when Arkansas ties it up, 82-82. Arkansas takes back over with the lead, 88-84. Kentucky ties it up once again after getting 4 unanswered points, 88-88. Another tie up between the two teams at 90-90.Arkansas will end up defeating Kentucky 94-92.

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