Kentucky vs. Louisville 3/28/2014 Sweet Sixteen

Kentucky and Louisville took on each other in the 2014 Sweet 16 of the 2014 NCAA Tournament in Indianapolis, IN

Kentucky with the first basket of the game by James Young, Louisville up by two over the Cats, but Young gets a basket to tie up at 4-4. Aaron Harrison with a much needed 3 pointer for the Cats, but the Cards still lead a little less than halfway in the first half, 21-12. Kentucky still trails in the first half as they game goes on but a big 3 pointer for the Cats gets them within 5 of the Cards with less than 3 to go.  Louisville leads Kentucky 34-31 at the half.

Cats and Cards with a basket each in the second half, 36-33. Cats within one, but Louisville with a basket, Julius Randle tied it up for the Cats, 38-38.Lousiville goes ahead once more but Kentucky tries to stay close, 48-42. Kentucky is still trying to stay close but Louisville is always ahead of them, 59-52. Aaron Harrison with a 3 pointer to put the Cats up top finally 70-69. Kentucky pulls away with the win 74-69 defeating Louisville and heading on to the Elite Eight.

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