Kentucky vs. Arkansas 2/10/1993

Arkansas controls the opening tip, and they get the first 2 of the game, 2-0. Kentucky answers with a 3 pointer from Braney, Cats leads 3-2. Kentucky still with the lead, 7-4 but Arkansas answers and it’s just a one point game. Hogs take the lead back and they just keep adding to the lead over the Cats, 15-7. Kentucky finally scores several more points including two 3 pointers by Travis Ford, but the Hogs still lead 23-15. With back to back 3 pointers by Ford and Delk, the Cats climb back within just 2, 27-25. Kentucky with a few more 3 pointers and they have caught up to the Hogs tying it up at 41 even. Arkansas leads the Cats 45-42 at the half.

Kentucky starts the second half with a free throw, Hogs answers with a basket, 47-43. Arkansas getting hot with 3 pointers and still maintaining their lead, 53-47. Kentucky within two after a 3 pointer by Travis Ford, 56-54. Halfway through the second half Arkansas still leading Kentucky, Cats trail 66-57.  Razorback up by 10 but a 3 pointer from the Cats knocks it down to just 7. Its just not enough and the Razorbacks upset 2nd ranked Kentucky 101-94.

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