Kentucky vs. Arkansas 2/25/2001

Arkansas starts the game off with a basket, Kentucky ties it up but Arkansas takes a 6-2 lead. Kentucky gets close, and then hits a 3 pointer to lead 8-6; a basket ties it up, 8-8. Kentucky with the lead now 12-8, but Arkansas catches up quickly but Kentucky still with the lead 16-12. Hogs catch up once again near the halfway mark of the half, 22-21. Arkansas with the lead over Kentucky with a 3 pointer. Kentucky back up front, 27-24, we are tied up at 27 as Arkansas hits a 3 pointer. Kentucky leads 47-41 at halftime over Arkansas.

Kentucky starts the second half off with a basket Arkansas responds staying close to the Cats, 49-46. Kentucky with a 3 pointer to extend their lead, 55-49. Arkansas ties it up but Kentucky with   free throw; Hogs take a one point lead over the Cats, 61-60. Hogs now leading halfway through the half, 66-60. Arkansas maintains their lead hitting several 3 pointers and go on to defeat Kentucky 82-78.

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