Kentucky vs. Ole Miss 2/18/2014

Kentucky with the chance for a 3 pointer, but it’s missed by James Young, Cats rebound and the layup missed as well giving Ole Miss the ball, they score the first points of the game. Ole Miss misses a 3 pointer, but Andrew Harrison gets one for Kentucky putting them on the board and gives them a 3-2 lead. Kentucky with another 3 pointer by James Young and a basket puts Kentucky 8-2 for a great start. Marshall Henderson for Ole Miss at the line for a 3 point play and makes all three, cutting it to just 3, 8-5, he hits his first 3 pointer of the night to tie it up at 8-8. Julius Randle at the line, he makes both, Cats up 10-8. We tie up again, Ole Miss with a free throw to take the lead; Kentucky answers with a basket to take it back now up by 3 with another basket, 14-11.Jarred Polson with a 3 pointer for the Cats, up by 6, 17-11. Kentucky scores 10 straight, and Perez for Ole Miss ends their drought after the Cats go on a 15-0 run, 27-13. Cats up double with a 3 pointer, Ole Miss a 3 pointer of their own to answer, 30-18. Another 3 pointer bought between the teams, 33-21. Kentucky will go into halftime with a 42-25 lead.

Julius Randle gets the first points of the second half for the Cats, Ole Miss with a basket of their own. Cats with their biggest advantage with a lead of 51-31. Both teams with 5 more points for the Cats to still lead 56-36. Halfway through this half the Cats with a 20 point advantage over the Rebels lead, 60-40. Kentucky still maintaining their leading, Rebels only down by 14 points after free throws by Julius Randle, 66-52. Kentucky gets a basket, Ole Miss with a 3 pointer. Kentucky at the line for two, making both for the Cats to lead 70-55.  Ole Miss finally catching up to the Cats after being down by 20 at one point, within 7 points of the Cats 74-67. Kentucky defeats Ole Miss 84-70.

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