Kentucky vs. Arizona 1993 Maui Invitational Championship

5th ranked Kentucky took on the 13th ranked Arizona in the 1993 Maui Invitational Championship game in Maui. HI.

Kentucky with the first basket of the game, 2-0. Arizona makes just one of two free throws, Rodrick Rhodes for the Cats with a basket, 4-1. Arizona with a basket to get within one, but the Cats hit a 3 pointer extending the lead to 7-3. Arizona within one again with their own 3 pointer, 7-6, Kentucky with two more baskets, Arizona with one, 11-8. Travis Ford with a 3 pointer for the Cats giving them a 16-10 lead over Arizona. Cats now up 19-14 but Arizona is just down by one, 21-20. Kentucky with a 3 pointer, Arizona scores, and so does Kentucky as they lead 26-22. Kentucky leads 49-41 at halftime over Arizona.

Arizona with a 3 pointer to start the second half, Kentucky with a 3 of their own, 52-44. Back and forth between these teams and Arizona within just two, but Kentucky adds to their lead to stay ahead, but Arizona closes in once again. Ford with a 3 pointer for the Cats as they lead 71-67. Both teams with a basket and Travis Ford with another 3 pointers, he up to 22 points, Arizona with a 3 pointer as well and a free throw to get within one again, 76-75. Arizona with the lead after a 3 pointer, their first, 79-78. Kentucky ties it up and then takes the lead back, 81-79. Arizona ties it up, but Kentucky with both free throws puts them up 83-81. Tied up once again with an Arizona basket, 83-83. Arizona with a 3 pointer taking back the lead, Kentucky responds with a basket, Arizona with another basket, 3 pointer for Kentucky tying us up once again, 88-88. 3 pointers for Travis Ford puts the Cats up top, Arizona with both free throws within one. Arizona back at the line for two, makes both, takes the lead. Kentucky  down one, Brassow with a basket to give the Cats a  93-92 victory over Arizona to win the 1993 Maui Invitational Championship.

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